The recruitment process plays a fundamental role on the way we perform and this comes as a result of a professional recruitment team who designs and sets a list of criteria that determine the outcome of the process. Our initial step is client approach, whereby we directly communicate with the client and assess their needs.

We introduce our company and establish agreements accordingly. Proper planning and evaluation of the recruitment needs leads to hiring the right person for the role and the client. Each individual position is required a documented recruitment plan that includes posting period, placement goals, advertising sources, diversification of sources and resume banks. Several practical issues are taken into consideration as effective methods for analyzing job descriptions: operational status, availability, occupational versatility, standardization, user acceptability, training requirement, sample size, reliability, cost, quality of outcome, time to completion.

RAWAFED utilizes variety of recruitment sources to attract candidates who reflect the diversity of the client values in its workforce. Advertising, data banks, external data bases, and Internet job posting just some of the source used.Screening CV is also an important aspect of our operations.

The recruitment team carefully evaluates the candidates experience, qualification, training and development, extra curriculum certificates, and other criteria as per required job descriptions. Interview set-ups are conducted in coordination with the clients. It is common practice for the client to request for a phone interview. This is done to initially screen the applicant for information such as availability, salary requirements, and additional information. Panel interviews are often conducted by the client, yet this is done in coordination with our representatives. Candidate selection is done through a committee which has been set-up to conduct interview. Based on their evaluation they make a decision. Once reference checks have been done, a final decision is made and the candidate is informed.

The job is offered to the best qualified candidate and all formalities take place. Candidates are asked to make decisions and accept terms and conditions. In case of direct hire, the client take full responsibility of the documentation. For contract hire, RAWAFED has the responsibility For providing the candidate with the necessary documentation, i.e. visa, labour cards, insurance, training and so forth. Once all paper formalities are in place, candidate mobilization takes place.

RAWAFED allocates the candidate to the appropriate position and location. Progress reports are drawn in regular intervals to monitor their performance, availability to follow orders, demonstrate ability to understand and perform the job, quality of work, quantity of work, flexibility and adaptability, communication and effectiveness, work habits(safety, tidiness, etc), training required and other requirements as defined by the relevant department.