To guarantee quality, we continuously liaise with the clients and candidates to ensure that the recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible and that all expectations are met. Communication with both parties is the key to make the transition as easy as possible. Quality for Rawafed Recruitment is not just about allocating candidates, it is also about easing the burden on the client by engaging in innovatory ways of recruitment. We support our candidates throughout the employment process, and where contract hire, the support is provided throughout their careers.


Passionate people focused on quality, growth and success.
Satisfied clients are our best advertising agents – we are here to answer their demands.


clientConformity   :  Adhere to the client service requirements, rules and regulations
Standard       :  High quality standard at all times
Quality          :  Driven to meet client requirements
Reliability     :  Show consistency and be-prepared to respond to the client needs at all times


rawafed-logoTraceability      :  To service requirements and solutions.
Consistency      :  With service requirements.
Compliance      :  with client requirements and standards
Feasibility         :   of the servicing, implementation of the operations


candidateProfessionalism       :   Highest caliber applications who show integrity, responsiveness and consistency
Qualification            :   Applications equipped with the right qualification, knowledge & skillet for the job
Experience                :   Talented applications who are prepared to drive innovation through creativity
Commitment            :    Candidates who are willing to learn and improved at the time